What is Sam’s Percolator?

It’s a coffee shop.  Each cup of our coffee or espresso drinks starts with some of the freshest roasted beans from Pilot Roasters. We use a blends of beans from around the world in both our drip coffee and espresso while showcasing seasonal single-origin roasts throughout the year.

It’s a craft beer bar. 
From lagers and pale ales to IPAs and stouts we serve up some of the best craft beers made right here in Ontario, as well as a selection of quality local wines and spirits.


It’s also a restaurant. Each day we bring a new menu from the award winning kitchen of Hungry Sam’s, served right in the Percolator. Fresh-made soups, sandwiches and salads are made fresh to order and don’t forget one of our decadent desserts!

It’s your new favourite place to hang out. Whether the first coffee of the day, going out for lunch, working away from the office, after-work drinks or a night out enjoying live music, Sam’s Percolator is the place for everything between home and work.Check out what’s new and upcoming in Events.